• ALGERIA is the second largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean Basin.
• ALGERIA has one of the largest natural gas in the world and oil reserves.
• Strong revenues from hydrocarbon exports have brought Algeria relative macroeconomic stability.
• Per capita GDP is $ 5.458 in 2013
• GDP is $284.7 billion in 2013
• In 2013, Algeria bought US$54.9 billion worth of imported products.
• Algeria’s main imports are industrial supplies, construction products, foodstuffs, machinery, transportation products, textile &furniture and consumer goods. Algeria's main exports are petroleum, natural gas, and petroleum products.
• Algeria's economy has seen significant reforms in recent years.
• Continuous improvements to the economy of Algeria are being made by the government, which has had a positive

• US $ 47 billion for construction of 2 million housing units, 1.2million houses to be completed by 2014
• 254 billion US dolars budget surplus, consequently; totally open to the import.
• Easy access to potential markets: Europe, Africa, and Arab countries. This strategic location greatly effects its investment potential, particularly attractive for freign investments.
• Due to the lack of production of consumer goods, almost all needs are maintained by import. Especially furniture, textile, construction materials and electrical appliances’s suply are based on import